Emotion’s Wacky Dance

Do not confuse emotion as yourself.

Instead, watch it doing its little wacky dance in your mind.

Anger and bitterness has NOTHING on the lord of yourself, You.


You’re not you anymore

Did you know that our body replaces itself as often as in days?

We are not the same person we were yesterday. We tend to think this way and hang onto the past perhaps because our brain cells are one of the few cells that do not get replaced. The rest of our body is renewed as often as every single day and this is no less significant than our memories.

Stomach cells, for example, have life span of 2-9 days.
Red blood cells live 4 months.
Lungs, 8 days.
Tongue taste buds, 10 days.
Small intestine epithelium, 2-4 days.
Skin cells, 10-30 days.

We let go of the familiar things every second.
And we give birth to the new every second.





There are two


There are those that honor their parents,

And there are those that dishonor their parents.


There are those that value family,

And there are those that break the family.


There are those that know the past,

And there are those that don’t know the past.


There are those that know and respect themselves,

And there are those that face away and disregard themselves.


Our hearts are like the universe – no matter how many layers of clouds blind us from it, it will always be there.